It is the belief in being able to provide and initiate brand management solutions which makes us all about being UNBOXED.

An integrated market solutions provider that aims at providing uncomplicated and innovative solutions which are unboxed as per the need of the brand.


In a world where everyone is offering the same thing, we knew we had to give you something much better than just a service. We offer experiences which leave an everlasting impact after every show. In this competition we decided to run a different race altogether.

Quality is something we can never compromise on, keeping this in mind we made a compact but efficient team of passionate and dedicated people who are willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best. We also ensure International standards of top-notch show.

When we take the responsibility to make your show a huge success, we take it as if it is our own, so that you can keep your worries at bay.

We UNBOX every show and make each one of  it special and that is what separates us from an everyday agency.



With more than 16 years of experience in the field of event, execution and delivery Karan is an expert when it comes to knowledge of production and delivery to the core.

He is one of the very few people in India who can boast about having an integrated production course from Oxford University, United Kingdom. He has worked with a host of clients from Tata Motors pvt. Ltd., Sony India pvt. Ltd. , Suzuki Motorcycles, Audi India, BMW, HCL and so many more over the last decade. His work experiences traverses across- TIC integrated event marketing, MUDRA, Encompass Events pvt. Ltd. and Thot media Pvt.ltd.


With more than 13 years of experience in the events industry after graduating from Delhi University, Rahul has a unique expertise in event production and management.

Being a globe-trotter, he loves incorporating the latest technologies in events to create ann unparalleled experience for his clients.

Rahul holds prowess in Large Format events such as opening ceremonies, International and Domestic concerts, Govt. events, Corporate events, Product launches, International and Domestic exhibitions, Auto shows, Fashion Shows, etc.

He has worked as a head of production in Companies like Fountainhead, Showtime and Encompass.